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Cashbacks | From 1.499 euro *


Quick, easy and extremely appealing.

Cashbacks are hugely popular because they can be set up quickly and activated easily across various markets, services and products. There is also a universal appeal to a huge target audience due to the direct financial stimulus that is offered for purchases.

Product+ | From 2.399 euro *


Grow your sales.

Stimulate more sales by raising the appeal of your products and services in the market. Create a broader experience, improve stock levels and achieve greater market penetration with product+.

Combi | From 2.599 euro *


The ultimate bundle.

Go for the ultimate proposal and combine the most effective features of a cashback and a product+. Stimulate purchasing behaviour with the cashback and, simultaneously, create an on-top experience thanks to a fantastic gift. This method allows you to create the ultimate win-win situation, which stays top-of-mind.

(e-)Voucher | From 1.399 euro *


Create greater added value via experience.

Create a unique proposition in the market and manage purchasing behaviour by adding a specific experience to products and services. Ideal for convincing potential customers of your proposition and added value in the market. Can be used physically or digitally, depending on your preferences.

Competition | Customised pricing proposal


The biggest impact on brand awareness via interaction.

Stimulate brand awareness and interaction by grabbing people’s attention with a unique lottery. Challenge your target audience, let them take action, realise goals and dream. And, who knows... the dreams of one or more of them could come true. Present your other leads with a cast-iron commercial proposal and build your customer relationships.

Sampling | Customised pricing proposal


Fine-tune for success.

Maximise your chances of success by introducing potential target audiences to your product or service by means of a sample. Collect valuable insights based on facts in order to realise your goals and growth.

*Prices shown are exclusive of VAT, cashback or gift value. Based on representative averages.


Start your promotional campaign today.

Tailor-made for your business

One for all

The accessible entry level

Launch one or more campaigns via our generic promotional platform.

Activated quickly

Own campaign URL

Communication templates

Customer Care services

Protection of customer details

Your own brand environment

Can be personalised with


Analytics dashboard


All for one

Build your own brand environment

Launch campaigns on your own promotional platform.

Activated quickly

Own campaign URL

Communication templates

Customer Care services

Protection of customer details

Your own brand environment

Can be personalised with own house-style

Analytics dashboard


What our customers say about us

There is open communication and follow-ups from briefings, changes and updates are always provided as quickly

as possible.


The redemption site is

user-friendly for the customers and, if necessary, may be adapted according to

our feedback. Follow-up of complaints and/or questions from customers occurs on

the day itself, thanks to effective interaction between myactions and us.

Véronique Moons
Go To market Manager

Myactions has proven its worth as a preferred partner for our campaigns. Flexibility, professionalism and

availability are their greatest assets. Our campaigns are successful thanks to them!

Michael Cige
Sr. Retail Manager

The collaboration is based on the development of incentives which seamlessly link into our customers’ expectations. Striving for an efficient working method without compromising on quality and while preventing nasty surprises in the processes. In the end, it's

all about completely satisfied customers; that's why we do it and this mindset is reflected in our collaboration.

Fred Bon
Sr. Partner Manager


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