Frequently asked questions

What types of promotional campaigns do you offer?

At myactions, we offer you the option of setting up redemption campaigns where your target audience receives a benefit if they purchase your product or service.

What does a promotional campaign cost?

Promotional campaigns from myactions involve various products: Cashback, Product+, Combi,

(e-)Voucher, Competition and Sampling. You can launch a campaign from € 1,399 excl. VAT and customer benefits.

Need your own website or special software?

At myactions, we have all you need to launch your campaign immediately. Depending on your preference, we can even create a brand environment for you in a very short space of time.

What types of gift can I give to my customers?

With the exception of food products, you can choose whatever you like, from digital gifts or small

gadgets to televisions and even scooters!

Do I need my own storage space or logistics partner?

No, we will take care of that too! At myactions, we use multiple semi-automated logistics branches for receiving, stocking and processing gifts.


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